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What do you need to set up Popsical Remix 2?

  • A Popsical Remix 2 device
  • A stable WIFI or ethernet connection
  • A television with HDMI input (Note: Popsical Remix 2 does not support 4k resolution, it operates at 1080p or below based on network stability)
  • A speaker with AUX or RCA input port (Use an AUX-to-AUX or AUX-to-RCA cable accordingly)
  • A premium account with Popsical
  • Popsical Karaoke app (downloadable from iOS or Android market)


Setup Guide


  • Connect the DC power adapter to a power socket and to the device.
  • Connect the HDMI cable from the device to your TV.
  • Connect the AUX-to-AUX or AUX-to-RCA cable to the speaker and the device.
  • Select the correct channels for HDMI on your TV and AUX for your speaker.

Microphone Key Description

  • Echo: Slide to adjust the echo.
  • Mic Volume: Slide to adjust the Mic volume (Main Music volume can be adjusted from the app).
  • Indicator Light: Shows the Microphone status:
    • Solid white light: Microphone functioning properly.
    • Solid red: Low power (<10%).
    • Yellow light flashing: Microphone is charging.
    • Slow flashing white light: Microphone is not connected.
    • Quick flashing white light: Microphone is in pairing mode.
  • Joystick: To confirm an action and to navigate.
  • Toggle Vocal and Back/power button.

My Microphones are on but no sound from the speaker?

  1. Follow the steps to re-pair the microphone to the receiver:


    • Step 1: Press the left arrow button repeatedly while holding the ON/OFF button on the left mic until the mic light indicator is blinking.
    • Step 2: Press the right arrow button repeatedly while holding the ON/OFF button on the right mic until the mic light indicator is blinking.
    • Step 3: While both mics' white light indicators are blinking, plug the power adapter pin into the charging port of Remix 2, causing the charging port light indicator to blink.
    • Step 4: Once all lights are blinking, press the ON/OFF button and vocal button together on the left mic to pair it. Repeat for the right mic.
    • Attach a video for user reference.


For further assistance, contact

My Device is displaying errors, No internet connection, what do I do?

  • Logout from your Popsical account on TV and re-login:


    • Go to the homepage on the TV screen.
    • Press the 3-line button on the Popsical physical remote control to display options.
    • Select 'My Account', and logout. Re-login by selecting your language, WiFi connection, and entering the 6-letter code displayed on the TV screen at

Popsical won't connect to WiFi

    • Possible causes:


      • Password is incorrect.
      • Signal is too weak/intermittent.
      • Your WiFi network is hidden.
    • Solutions:


      • Ensure correct password is typed.
      • Move the Popsical closer to your WiFi router.
      • Plug a USB mouse into your Popsical, click "advanced", open "more options" on the network screen, click "Add Network", enter SSID and password, and press "Connect".

Video and audio continuously buffer and do not play

  • Possible causes:


    • Popsical's WiFi connection is unstable.
    • Popsical has disconnected from WiFi.
    • Popsical has crashed.


  • Solutions:


    • Move Popsical closer to your WiFi router.
    • Press "back" to return to the "main menu", select "settings", "network settings", "forget" and "rejoin" your WiFi network.
    • Restart Popsical by unplugging and replugging the USB-C cable, reconnect to WiFi.
    • For further assistance, contact

How to do a factory reset on my Popsical?

  • Common issues:


    • Popsical device shows no internet connection and is stuck at the network selection page.
    • Device shows no internet connection after update but worked fine before.
    • Device works fine with Ethernet/LAN connection but not with WiFi.


  • Troubleshooting:


    • Try connecting an Ethernet/LAN cable and restart the device. If it works fine, proceed to factory reset to use WiFi connection again.
    • If the issue persists, it may be related to hardware. Contact customer service or visit the store.


  • Steps for factory reset:


    • Ensure the device works with Ethernet/LAN connection.
    • Using the remote control, go to settings (≡) >> select “More” >> "General Settings".
    • Plug in a USB mouse, scroll down and select “Backup & Reset” >> “Factory Data Reset”.
    • Proceed to reset TV box and erase everything.
    • Don't unplug power until you see the old version setup screen (reboot may take a long time).
    • When you see the setup screen, try to connect to WiFi. If the device still cannot connect to WiFi, it's a hardware problem.