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Most, if not all people love to celebrate the coming of the weekend.

Chill, unwind and let go after a long and stressful week at work. One of the most popular and most common activities people do to celebrate the weekend is going to karaoke bars, get drunk, have fun and belting out all the frustrations with a song. While all these might sound really fun, and they are, there are a few drawbacks you might feel at the end of the night. You might be too drunk to drive home, your bar tab has reached an all new high, your time at the room has ended among other things. The solution? Buy a karaoke machine and bring home the party with you! With Popsical, the newest craze in karaoke home entertainment, your friends and co-workers will be begging you to have a karaoke party at your place every weekend. Your neighbours might even join in the fun as well!

You might be wondering just what exactly is Popsical. Well, Popsical is the newest and probably most tech-savvy karaoke machine anyone can get their hands on in the market today. It has been rated five stars by TechSlack and is dubbed as “Karaoke at a Whole New Level”, which it really is. With all the features it can provide, having a karaoke party at your place has never been this easier. One of its main features is its wireless karaoke microphone, not to mention that it has one of the best wireless karaoke microphones in the market today. We all know the hassle of those microphone wires dangling, especially when dancing and singing to the music. People might trip and fall, especially when intoxicated already. With Popsical, you can avoid those accidents with their Bluetooth microphone for singing. Yes, it is Bluetooth powered! But wait, you don’t only get one microphone, but you get to have two! So you can go find a partner and kill that song that you both love.

One other thing about Popsical that makes it the go-to home karaoke system is that it's grabbing and go! You don’t need to lug any heavy equipment. So whenever you want to have a karaoke session at a friend’s place, or at the office after work, or practically anywhere you’d want to, you can! You just need to have an HDMI cable, plug it into any entertainment system and Voila! Instant karaoke night! This feature is made possible because of Popsical Remix’s built-in mixer and receiver so that you can get that party started anytime, anywhere. By now you might probably be wondering about the songs, where and how to get them. Well, Popsical has also covered this base for you! Want to sing the latest songs? Just download the Popsical App! It’s available on both iOS and Android so whether you are an iPhone user or otherwise, you can get the latest songs. With their massive library of songs that are updated automatically, you surely won’t run out of song selections to choose from. Plug, connect, play, sing and get the party started with Popsical Remix!

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