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What are the trending “Meletup” hit songs in Malaysia now and where can you sing them?

Good news to our Malaysian fans, the biggest trending “Meleteup” hit songs in Malaysia right now is available in your Popsical Music Library.

Because we love our loyal Malaysian Popsical lovers, our team makes sure to include the latest hits to let you guys have the most of your Karaoke nights.

From the 30 songs enlisted by Hitz, here's our personal favorites at Popsical we thought you ought to check out on your Popsical music library.

But it doesn’t end there, we have more surprises exclusive for you guys. In gratitude for all the support, you’ve shown us, on our first-year anniversary celebration at Popsical we want to give back.

If you enjoy singing karaoke and you’ve tried Popsical at your friend's house or at your favorite Karaoke place, and you loved it. Then we have good news for you, for every purchase of Popsical Remix for only RM 1499, you get 1-year free subscription. This promo is only valid until the 30th of April at Mid Valley Store, or you can also order online using the promo code: i1remix on.

Get 1 year of free subscription with every purchase of Popsical Remix at RM1499 - Promo valid till 30th April in Mid Valley Store, or head on to our website www.popsical.com and use the promo code: i1remix .

Popsical Remix Promo

Also, if you happen to be at the HOMEDEC 2019 show in Penang this April 12-14. Drop by your Popsical Booth (P125) and say "hi" to us. Join us for a fun Karaoke session, and watch out for more surprises to come. See you there Penang homies! 


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