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The Party Never Stops with This New Karaoke Machine!

Get your party mode on with Popsical Karaoke

My friends and I have always been fond of going out to drink and party, especially in karaoke bars because you have the privacy and you can sing your heart out while having fun. But at the end of the party, we always get shocked as to why our bill is too high when we only had a few beers and some finger foods to eat. Well, the answer is because renting a karaoke space is always going to be expensive. Not to mention the curfew which sucks too. That is the reason why we planned to have a party at our own homes and buy chips and drinks that are way cheaper but at the same time, the party never stops.


After researching and looking for the best portable karaoke machine, we found Popsical and let me tell you that this is probably the best karaoke machine that we have ever used. You can hang around the house with your workmates or with your close friends while having that much-needed karaoke session without having to spend a lot of cash. It’s also perfect during holidays or family-gatherings because now, you can add singing karaoke to your list of activities. When you sign up for your first purchase, you get $100 off and it originally costs S$499 so if you get that item code when you sign up, it’ll be much cheaper and that’s already a very great deal! There are so many great qualities that this karaoke machine has like it’s very versatile because it can connect to any sound system as long as it has an AUX connection. It’s already the future of karaoke and you will soon realize why.

One of my favourite things about this machine is that it has a wireless microphone so no more haggling or hassling for the cord of the microphone. The microphone itself is very lightweight because it only weighs 1KG and you get 2 microphones so you could enjoy a good old duet with your BFFs! You also have to install an app to your phone so you could choose which song you would like to sing and the library is so cool that it updates itself whenever a new hit comes out so no need to scan through a thick book of music pages and input numbers which is a huge time waster especially when you only have limited time, for example, in a karaoke room where you rent the space for only an hour which is definitely not enough!  It’s also very innovative since you can adjust the tone or melody of your voice or the music on your phone. It’s often compared to Spotify, but even better. Try Popsical now with the limited offer of $100 off on your first purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter and get your very own singing machine and enjoy! Your social life and your introvert self will be happy that you got this great karaoke machine for yourself because sometimes, we all need to treat ourselves once in a while by singing our hearts out whether you’re alone or by yourself!

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