February 14, 2019

They say all is fair in love or war. This saying goes double during this upcoming Valentine’s day on February 14th (we’ve put the date there in case you forgot).

Restaurants are fully booked, chocolate candies are cleared off the supermarket shelves and roses are sold out despite the exorbitant prices as love-struck individuals try to outdo one another in expressing their romantic side to their partners.

But let's face it. Not everyone is keen on the idea of having roses shoved under their faces as a surprise. Some people even loathe at the idea of holding hands in public places; much less being (literally) swept off their feet by their partner.

PDAs: Yay to some, Nay to others

Everyone has a "safe zone" where they feel comfortable in showing romance to their partners in their own special ways. With that in mind, I have scoured the content of the vast universe that is the Internet to bring to you a little Popsical quiz where I narrowed to the top 4 most common types of romantic personalities around the world. Find out if you (or rope in your partner as well) are the showy type. Or maybe maybe you guys are more private in showing affection affection. Either way, I bet the quiz will help with the planning for a perfect Valentine's Day date once you figure what you or partner likes and prefers.

So let's take a little break from all those planning and hit the link below and find out exactly the type of Romantic person you really are. From us at Popsical, Happy Valentine's Day kids! Don't forget to take our Popsical quiz! 

Take our quiz here to find out what type of Romantic Person you are! 

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