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Hottest Karaoke Duets now on Popsical

Get a glimpse of the hottest Karaoke Duets now available for your convenience on Popsical. 

Going on a karaoke marathon with your friends can really be a blast. Do you know what can make the experience more fun? Karaoke duets. Double the fun, grab a friend and sing a song. With the karaoke world's newest addition to its lineup, Popsical can provide you with top duet songs that you and your friends can enjoy. With Popsical's massive song library, we decided to make a short list of some of the best duet karaoke songs available to make your life a bit easier.

1. A Whole New World - Zhavia Ward & ZAYN

A whole new world on Popsical
Disney just released their live action version of the classic animated movie, Alladin. Along with the movie's release is the rework of the soundtrack. We all know that Disney movies come with amazing soundtracks, and Alladin did not disappoint. One of the more popular Alladin songs, A Whole New World, originally sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane, was given a facelift by Zhavia Ward and Zayn Malik. Both these young singers are respectively talented by their own right and did justice to the remake of the song, bringing a fresh sound that you 'll definitely enjoy when singing it with a partner. Go and show them a whole new world.

2. I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran featuring Justin Bieber

I don't Care Popsical
With two of the biggest names in the music industry, you can't go wrong with this song selection for duets. Though Beiber might have experienced a drought in his singing career, this collaboration with Ed Sheeran definitely brought back his name into lights. With chill beats and smooth vocals from both these singers, this song will definitely be always on your duet playlist.

3. Me! - Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie

Taylor Swift album cover Popsical
Another collaboration with some of the music industry's finest. Heartbreak princess, Taylor Swift, and Panic at the Disco's frontman, Brendon Urie, produced this fun and catchy song. Released last April 26, 2019, it has been making waves throughout the charts. Both Taylor's and Brendon's vocals fit perfectly for this bubblegum pop song. Quite a fun song to sing and dance to, make it extra fun by singing it with a friend.

4. Cruisin' - Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis

cruisin Popsical karaoke
Coming from a movie that's titled Duets, this song is definitely a mainstay in the duet category for karaoke. Originally written and sung by Smokey Robinson, the song itself was ironically sung as a karaoke duet in the movie. After that, everything else is history.

5. All I Have - Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J

All I have Popsical Karaoke Song
This Hip-hop and R&B collaboration between J-Lo and James Todd Smith, more commonly known as LL Cool J is a song about moving on after a breakup. This midtempo R&B and hip-hop mashup are for those who are going through a rough time and want a song that they can relate to.

These are just some of the all-time duet karaoke songs that you can sing with your friends. This list of duet karaoke songs can all be found on Popsical. Don't worry, this list is just the tip of the iceberg, you can find a lot more of these on Popsical!

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