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Get ready Malaysia - your favourite red-haired romantic is singing your way soon

Ed Sheeran is coming to Malaysia for his biggest concert to date.

Ed Sheeran Malaysia Concert

Since the announcement of the Grammy award artist’s Divide tour - his concert tickets have sold  like hotcakes!

Ed Sheeran needs no introduction to his Malaysian fans after his sold out concert last 2017. This year, his concert will take place on the 13th day of April 2019 at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

Known to blow away the crowd with his one-man show, smooth guitar skills, and sultry singing vocals, fans are expecting to hear him perform live his top songs such as, “Give Me Love”, “Thinking Out Loud”, and “Photograph” to name a few.

Despite his record-breaking success, Ed has continued to wow his fans with his humility and his outstanding performances and heartwarming lyrics that cut deep into your soul. It’s no wonder that he is a sensation, almost every person I know has an Ed Sheeran song on their playlist. His songs will make you cry, fall in love, and pick yourself up after a break-up. He writes the most relatable songs that anyone can connect with on a personal level. It isn’t a surprise that his songs are found in the top picks at every karaoke bar especially in Asia. Anyone could sound like a Karaoke pro when singing “ Shape of You” it’s easy on the ear and vocal cords too.

If you’re not yet an Ed Sheeran fan, then expect to be a convert after watching him perform live on stage. Prepare yourself to feel feelings that you didn’t even know were there, and prepare your vocals from all the sing-along that’s bound to happen, prepare your cellphone battery and make sure it’s fully charged prior to the concert because you will surely want to take snaps and flood your timeline with concert footage, but most of all prepare to lose your voice the next day. You would know that you had a great time at a concert when you go home with no voice left.

Have you gotten your concert tickets yet? If yes, then I hope you take note of what I mentioned. But if do to some unfortunate events you can’t be there to sing along to “Perfect”, don’t worry because we got your back, Popsical Karaoke system has all the Ed Sheeran songs that you want to sing along to!

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