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Excited for Taylor Swift’s New Album?

There's a list somewhere of Taylor Swift songs that have seemed to get stuck in our head over the years. 

But it seems like Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie already broke the record of being one of the most listened and viewed the music video on YouTube, which has billions of users worldwide, in just 24 hours. Honestly, we just can’t get enough of the colourful and artistic music video and the hidden easter eggs upon which Taylor, herself, mentioned on Instagram that are already hints or clues of her next album which will be released very soon. Me! is just Taylor’s way of giving us that first taste of what’s in store and what we will get to enjoy in the many years to come.

taylor swift new album 2019
As we all know, the song Me! is very catchy and very fun with a tune that you can always catch yourself humming to. Taylor had an Instagram Live video where she said that she doesn’t want the song to be a “very serious love song” and fans think that it’s genius. It would be no surprise when it becomes one of the top karaoke songs which girls and boys will sing during one of their night outs. Because of the millions of views that the music video has as of the moment, we will always know that this is already one of the most historical moments in Taylor Swift’s life that will start a whole new era of fun and colourful music videos which will truly inspire a lot of artists out there.

Taylor Swift’s songs from way back have been in karaoke’s and modern jukeboxes that a lot of those are considered great female karaoke songs. Karaoke songs in popsical will also get you going because they always have what’s new and it always takes karaoke on a whole another level where you will always catch your breath from singing but will always want more. In fact, here are some #PopsicalTopHits that you will love like Perfect by Ed Sheeran, Shallow by Lady Gaga, 學貓叫 (Say Meow Meow) by Pan Wenfeng, Sucker by Jonas Brothers, Sunflower by Swae Lee, Post Malone, Baby Shark by PinkFong, 那些你很冒險的夢 (Those were the days)by JJ Lin, Di Matamu by Sufian Suhaimi, Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande, and 演員 (Actor) by Joker Xue.All of these are already available in Malaysia!

As what a wise person would say, there’s always a singer in all of us and there’s no such thing as a person who hates music.

So if you’re one of those karaoke fanatics who want to have their own concert in their living room with just a bunch of close friends, Popsical is perfect for you and you can sing Me! with someone you love or your best friend since it has two microphones. The party never stops as long as you have this in your house.

Now that we know what we need to know about Taylor Swift’s new song with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, all we need to do is memorize the song and have this one played on loop for days on end. Of course, singing it on karaoke is much better which is why people will always visit karaoke bars. But there’s no fun in paying for every session, right? What’s fun is you get to sing with those who matter in the comfort of your own home. No one to disturb you or to say that “time’s up”.

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