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10 songs to unleash your patriotism this Merdeka

This August 31, 2019, we celebrate Merdeka, otherwise known as Malaysia's Independence Day!

I don’t know about you but this time of the year gets me feeling all patriotic. This time of the year, Malaysians bask in our common heart for our nation -nevermind our differences (political, race, food, music?)  

On this day, we also celebrate by singing songs that could unleash our inner patriotism. There are many songs that we could listen to, but the songs below hit the spot and are sure to tug at your patriotic heartstrings!

Malaysia National Anthem

Ok this just HAS to be in the list, for obvious reasons. The National Anthem of Malaysia, Negaraku - probably brings back memories of our school days when most of us would have sung it daily (begrudgingly). Play it out loud anywhere though, and every Malaysian will stop in his/her tracks and sing this with pride, and heart. “Negaraku…Tanah tumpahnya darahku…” <3


Lagenda Merdaka List by Popsical

Sheila Majid is known for her many iconic songs, but Lagenda has got to be one of the undeniably best songs she has sung. The song was written by Habsah Hassan, and composed by Fauzi Marzuki first, as a tribute to P. Ramlee. However, today, it is also used to describe any of our nation’s legends who have  sacrificed a great deal for our nation. With her effortlessly elegant voice, she manages to sing in a way that moves us, to celebrate the many legends we have.  

“Kaulah satu-satunya, 

Di antara berjuta

Insan teristimewa”


Tanggal 31 Ogos

Dato’ Sudirman dedicates this song to Malaysia and its people. This song stands out as one of the more upbeat ones in the list of more soulful songs - and is certainly another must-sing this Merdeka. 


Perwira is another song that will help reawaken your love for Malaysia. This song was sung by Saloma many years ago, and it continues to be a staple during Merdeka. Who can deny the silky masterful rendition by Puan Sri Saloma? 


Khatulustiwa Merdeka Song list by Popsical

If you love the blues and rock genre and Merdeka Day, then Khatulistiwa is the perfect song for you to play this August 31 for the Independence Day. People already love the Blues Gang because of their unique rhythm and it truly is a fun music you may want to listen to this Merdeka Day.

Bukan Kerana Nama

This song was released in the year 2014, and everybody always sings this during the Merdeka Day because of how marvelous the lyrics are. It gives you a sense of serenity and peace that you can’t understand. Ramli Sarip and A Romzi collaborated for this song and it truly is one of the best songs to play even if it isn't the Independence Day.


Jaclyn Victor released this song last 2004 and ever since then, Merdeka Day was not the same. It became even more fun because of Gemilang because it was named as Song of the Year. I think it also strengthened the resolve of the people.


Hijau (Green) is a Malaysian Rainforest Song which changed the Malaysian music industry. It is also the perfect song to play during Merdeka so we will be reminded to love each other and the place that we live in. Not only do people love it due to its pro-environment message, but also because of how unique and different it sounded. Zainal Abidin made sure to use traditional instruments and tribal beats to perfectly represent the message he wanted to convey. It truly is a breath of fresh air when compared to other rock ballads.


Sung by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, this song hits the spot for those who love pop songs. It is a very emotional song and is perfect for people who want to reflect and show their love during Merkeda Day. Datuk Siti (aka Southeast Asia’s top diva) is clearly a renowned name and a very talented singer - her silky voice is perfect for this kind of song.

Anak Anak Kita

What is a nation without our future generations - our children? Anak-anak kita is the perfect rendition of love and hope for our children. For me, it represents the responsibility that we hold in securing a better future for the children of our country, and the hope they bring in elevating the country further. 

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